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Finding Hope- A revamped story

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Finding Hope- A revamped story Empty Finding Hope- A revamped story

Post by Whispers on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:27 pm


A cat was wandering, wandering in the creaky, shadow covered woods beyond midnight. The light brown tabby tom wobbled into the clearing, cutting clean by a few sharp branches and missing a few jagged rocks sticking out of the ground by a shoot of fur.
“When will everything end for me?”
The large tabby cat grumbled to himself quietly, so quiet that it was barely heard, and his mouth hardly opened. His eyes slowly began to close as fatigue, stiffness, and just pure sadness got the best of him.
“My life is over...”
There he lay, face up and breathing slower by the minute, dull amber eyes closing gradually as his body begged him for a final rest. There, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, his mind finally at ease for the first time. Soon his chest stopped moving and he was in his concions, walking in a forest of moonlight as eerie noises echoed in the stopping time.
“Where am I...?”
He glanced around, his fur no longer dirty and ragged, his sides no longer scratched and covered with gashes, amber eyes gleaming bright with energy and a mix of curious moods. He padded slowly around the sparkling bright forest, a small skip in his steps that weren't too noticeable.
“Everything is so bright and... I feel so great...”
He took a look behind him and saw what his bloody, gashed up corpse laying just a few foxlengths away from him. A frightened look crept into his eyes as he stared down his no longer breathing body. Slowly, he took soft stumbling steps over to it and small tears began pouring out of his eyes.
“This is me? A- am I dead?”
“Come to me, Minnow.”
A soft voice called out to him. It was reasurring and it felt like goodness itself as it spoke gently again.
“You don't have to be in pain anymore, no longer have to cry at night, regretting your mistakes more and more each time you thought about them.”
Minnow slowly turned to what was a shadow standing in the distance. Nothing was visible, just a hazy like figure as he stepped closer. Soon, the face of a twoleg came into sight of the young cat, as it's arms outstretched to him.
“I- I don't know...”
He took a quick glance back to his body, which was still laying there, motionless. Before he gladly jumped into the arms of this unknown species, he thought back, wondering what decision to choose. After all, the grass seemed very green on the other side to him that minute.
He stood stiffly in front of the figure as he spoke the one word.
“I won't just leave myself to die.”
The figure's face began to transform into expressions of anger and displeasure.
“You dare tell me no? NO?!”
The figure stood and began running towards Minnow, a murderous look on it's face. Minnow yowled at the terrifying sight and reared up his back legs, making a mad dash to his body. His gleaming eyes where wide with terror as he leaped towards his body, dissapearing into it.
The figure dissapeared and the forest became dark again as his sides began aching once again and his guilt returned. The hazy- like vision returned to his eyesight as he slowly opened his dull, amber eyes. Standing, it began snowing, and the frosty white droplets had began entering his wounds, making him a dreaded cold.
“Not again...”
Trudging in the now knee-high frozen wasteland, he took one final step and fell into the snow, his pale brown pelt dissolving into it. Now only his face was visible, as well as one of his paws sticking bolt upright out of the tundra weather.
A faint voice called in the distance. Everything slowly faded into black and Minnow couldn't hear anything else.

Chapter 1- Lost at Sea

Eyes gradually opening, Minnow's eyes were scanning the enviroment slowly. His body felt stiff and cramped as he lay on something fresh and fluffy.
“W-where am I? What's going on?”
Hs body was still freezing cold, but the warmness of the green moss around him somehow insualted the warmth around him so he could not get any colder.
“Don't worry.”
A soft female voice replied his question.
“You're safe here.”
Lightly she padded over to him, holding a clump of something dry and green in her muzzle.
“I'm Frost.”
Minnow watched the she cat's warming green eyes dreamily as her light blue short pelt brushed against his.
“You've got some nasty wounds around your side. One of your ribs are fractured as well, and a leg is broken, so we have to fix all of that up.”
She saw a large splinter sticking out of his thigh and managed to yank it out. Minnow yowled in pain and almost passed out at the extreme throbbing pain in his thigh.
“OH! I'm so sorry!”
She pressed a piece of fluffy moss up on the bleeding hole where the splinter once was. Groaning silently, Minnow closed his eyes once again and tried his best to ignore the agonizing pain exerting from his wounds.
The she cat was working fast, spitting poultice onto his broken leg and mending it, wrapping the rest of the wounds in freshly picked cobwebs. By time she was finished, almost his whole body was completley covered with fresh white cobwebs.
“We're all done here.”
She acted completely calm through the whole process, like she's treated dozens of other cats in the same conditions. Walking over to a pile of brown seeds in a corner of the stone cave they were in, she took two and dropped them into his mouth. Slowly he chewed them, the pain taking up most of his body, even his mouth.
“I- I'm Minnow...”
He stuttered because not only was he in pain, but his lips were getting numb.
“Minnow huh? All right.”
The she cat sat next to him and padded down the wrappings.
“How did you get so banged up? I don't think just another cat can do so much damage...”
Minnow listened to the question, then tears began flooding to his eyes. The truth was overwhelming and painful, but he couldn't just conceal it up inside or it might torture him forever.
“M- me and my firends w-were playing and we tumbled dow-down a hi-hill. He died but I-I managed to survive, w-wounded.”
She sat in silenece for a moment, no longer smiling. She too had experienced such a tradgedy, when there was a dreaded eartkquake in the forest she lived in.
“I get that a lot... don't worry, you'e not the only one... my parents died in an earthquake not too long ago. I guess we're even...?”
Minnow nodded, but it wasn't visible because of all the layers or wrapping around his neck.
“If you don't mind, I-I'm p-pretty exhausted so I'll j-j-just get some sleep...”
Frost smiled.
“Great. I'll see you tomorrow morning. I'm gonna get some sleep too.”
She padded over to a den next to him and curled into it, wrapping her tail onto her face. Soon she started snoring lightly as her dreams stirred.

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Finding Hope- A revamped story Empty Re: Finding Hope- A revamped story

Post by Featherheart on Tue May 28, 2013 12:31 am

Awe. c: I could just hug this story till all the good parts flowed out of it. It seems like a really interesting story so far Whispers. c:

Ello c: Here are me characters. c:

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