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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:02 pm

Age:3 years
Appearance:Featherheart is a short haired grey cat with white chest, stomach, and paws. She also has light greenish colors.
Personality:Feather is nice to people she reacently meets, kind to kits, and patient with apprentices. She is goofy around her friends, and also loyal and honest to her clan and friends.
Clan and Rank:Ivyclan, Warrior Please.
History: Featherheart has always been the "outcast" as you might say, in one of her previous clans, because she made friends with the 'wrong' cats who had disabilities, or were 'mentally challenged.' Featherheart had some nice friends who helped take her mind of the cats who called her horrible names. One day, she and one of her friends were about to leave camp when some other clan's cat started invading and then war broke loose. Most of the warriors from her clan were killed, and the rest were taken as 'prisoners' till the leader decided what to do with them. Featherheart and one of her friends were apart of the prisoner group. Feather told her friend to run as fast as she could to the exit on the count of three. When she said three they both ran for the exit. Feather's friend got captured because of her running disability that she forgot to mention, but Featherheart didn't realize her best friend was gone till she was far away from the camp.
Other: Has some slight Medicine-Cat skills.
Roleplay Sample:Featherheart happily pads into camp with a plump rabbit in her jaws and heads towards the fresh-kill-pile. Proudly setting her rabbit down, she leaves once again to the forest, hopefully to return from another successful hunt with another rabbit.


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Re: Featherheart

Post by Whispers on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:06 pm

Great Bio. :DD

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