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Post by Whispers on Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:16 pm

Hey! You may have noticed that underneath your post count, there is a field called "Catmint". What are these? Well, Catmint are the site's currency. Everything, including characters and user shops, are paid for in Catmint.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Catmint?
Currently the only way to earn Catmint is by posting. Posting in certain forums will earn you more Catmint than posting in others. All roleplay posts earn you 10 Catmint, while posts in the games section will earn you 0.

Does creating a new topic earn me more Catmint than replying to an already-created topic?
At the moment, no. Posting a new topic will not earn you any more Catmint than a normal reply.

Does the length of my posts affect how many Catmint I receive?
No, a short response will earn you just as many Catmint as a long response would. But longer replies are certainly encouraged!

Can I create a user shop where I make things for other members and get Catmint in return?
Yes, you can! But you will need an administrator's approval, as they are the only ones who can transfer Catmint from one account to the other.


Catmint Shop

Please note that while these are the default prices using Catmint, they may be changed at any time or exceptions may be granted.

Username change*: 1000 Catmint
Affiliate: 450 Catmint

Default character: 200 Catmint
Notable character**: 500 Catmint
Prophesy character: 800-1000 Catmint
Non-feline character: 2000 Catmint

* Allowed only once per every six months, unless stated otherwise.
** Includes leaders, deputies and medicine cats only.

You are required to pay for your characters however, your first character is always free.

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