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DarkFlight Joins the group c:

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DarkFlight Joins the group c:

Post by Featherheart on Wed May 22, 2013 8:24 pm

Well, hello again. c: And by the way just to let you all know, I was active, I just didn't have a computer to get on, so Thank you very much to who ever deleted my account. c: I appreciate it very much and completely forgive and understand that it was an accent c:

Sex: Male, Tom, Boy.
Age: 7 years
Appearance: Darkflight is a short haired black tom with unusually long whiskers. Darkflight also has a few scratches long his side from a fight but they aren't to bad looking. He has dark greenish eyes.
Personality: Darkflight likes to stay away from people, and normally doesn't like talking to people on some days. DarkFlight is the type of person if you do something wrong it can ruin his day. He's decent around kits and has a high expectation for apprentices.
Clan and Rank:LakeClan, warrior
History: Darkflight has a good history I guess. He never actually got intruble but decided to join a different clan.
Other: no.
Roleplay Sample: Darkflight flicks his tail nervously as he pads into the different camp. He finds a nice spot to sit down and wonders if he should go and socialize with everyone or just sit and watch.


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Re: DarkFlight Joins the group c:

Post by Whispers on Fri May 24, 2013 8:28 pm

Argh, yeah. Again it wasn't me *Looks around at everybody* but I do completely apologize for their mistake *looks around at everybody*

Approved. xP


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