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Post by Whispers on Fri May 10, 2013 8:51 pm

A she cat with bright amber eyes pad through the mountains. The heavy winds push her back more and more until she is on the edge of a cliff. "AH!!" She hangs onto the ground for dear life with her claws as the heavy winds beat against her. After a few minutes of this, the winds die down and Juno plops onto the ground.
She stands and wobbles over to a small hole embedded into the side of the mountain.

"Ah.... I've never felt winds this harsh up here...."

She crawls in and keeps her head out to watch out for any passengers, although she has never had visitors for many moons. So many, she doesn't remember the last cat she saw up there. She looks around and sighs; the echoing of the empty mountains filling the air. It was like a ghost area. She always thought about leaving the mountains, but it was surrounded by miles of plain, with barely any trees. She would die of starvation before she could reach the forest. Juno placed her chin on her paws and waited for a soul.


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