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Post by Emeraldheart on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:43 pm

Name: Branchkit/paw/ear

Sex: She-cat

Age: 2 months

Appearance: Brown mackerel tabby with yellow-green eyes. Random white hairs throughout her pelt. Stopped growing at the size of an apprentice.

Personality: Quiet and shy around most. Has certain Clanmates that she is likes to listen to. Likes hunting over fighting. Most think she is stubborn if they are talking to her on the wrong side and she doesn't answer. Branchkit is also very gently but headstrong. She wants what she wants but doesn't always fight if it will cause too much strife for her Clan.

Clan and Rank: Scorchclan Kit

History: Was born much too early. Mother died giving birth. No one knows who her father is. No siblings.

Other: Because of being born too early she is deaf in the right ear. Uses her paws to feel vibrations when things approach from the right.

Roleplay Sample: Branchkit slowly looked out of the nursery. She scanned the camp. Where should I go first? It was warm but she had gotten used to the heat on her pelt. Branchkit stepped on a patch of sun then recoiled her paw. "Ouch!" She squeaked. "I may have never been outside the nursery but I don't like it!" Sitting back down in the more shady entrance of the nursery Branchkit sighed. "Will someone come and tell me a story?" She loved stories. The only problem she had was when somebody approached or talked to her and she wasn't facing them directly or on the left side. What's wrong with me? Why am I different? She thought. Well when my paws get used to the ground I will ask the medicine cat. I am sure it can be fixed.
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Re: Branchkit

Post by Whispers on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:51 pm

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