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Character Creation Guide Empty Character Creation Guide

Post by Whispers on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:09 pm

This is the complete guide on how to create your character. I ask that you read all of it, or you may miss something. :3

Your character's name can be almost anything as long as it follows the above rules and is spelled with English characters. This means no Japanese, Russian, Korean, etc. characters. If you want a Clan cat but do not have a Clan cat name, you must check with your Clan's leader to see if they will allow it.

Male, female, tom, she-cat, boy and girl are acceptable. We are roleplaying cats, not humans, so there are no transsexuals; your character may be gender-neutral as long as they have a birth-assigned sex.

Please age your character in years, not moons. You are also free to use life stages when aging your character. The life stages are as follows:
Kitten - 1 month- 6 months
Adolescent - 6 months- 1 year
Young Adult - 1 year- 3 years
Adult - 3 years- 8 years
Elder - 8 years- 15 years

Most cats don't live longer than 20 years, but if you would like a character who is older feel free to create one and it would be okay.

You MUST describe your character's appearance in actual sentences. Pictures are not good substitutes for words. You may provide one on the side or use one as a reference, but you must also describe your character's appearance.

Your character cannot be perfect. They must have some notable flaws in their personality, even if there aren't many. You must describe your character's personality in complete sentences; do not just list their traits.

Clan and Rank
The Clans are Lakeclan, Ivyclan, Scorchclan and Gravelclan. If you would prefer that your character not be in a Clan then just put "No Clan."
The normal ranks are Kittypet, Loner, Rogue, Kit, Apprentice, Warrior and Elder. Important character ranks are Medicine Cat, Leader, Deputy and Medicine Cat Apprentice. 'Special' ranks mean that there are a limited amount of characters for each one.

Your character's history must make sense. You are not allowed to have your character meet with another person's in their history unless you have that person's express permission. "Doesn't like to talk about it" is not acceptable as a history. Your character's history doesn't have to be long or detailed as long as there is something there.

Roleplay Sample
The roleplay sample is only needed for your first character. Once he/she is approved, you need not include it in any of your other character profiles. In it, just pretend that you are roleplaying as you would normally. The sample is only needed so that we know that you don't god mod/power play and speak in third person. We have few roleplaying rules here, but we need to make sure that you follow them.

Character Folders
After your character is approved, you are not allowed to edit its template in any way. However, you are free to create one topic in the Character Folders board. This board will allow you to keep track of your characters however you may want to.

After reading this post, you may make your character Here

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Character Creation Guide Empty My character!

Post by MoonrippleDawnsplashSongk on Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:55 am

Hi im new to this! Id like to make a character so here she is!

Name: Songkit Gender: She-cat Age: 1 moon Clan : Ivyclan Rank : Kit (Duh xD) She is a tortishell she-cat with dark green eyes. Personality: She is very playful but doesnt like much cats. She likes to play alone and hide in the dark. Every cat thinks shes very odd. Her mother abandoned her so she wants a replacement!

Roleplaying sample
Songkit tumbled from the nursery and went to hide under a shady tree. She tumbled after a leaf, meowing happily. She'd forgot about her mother, who had left her when she played. She clawed the leaf. She saw another and dropped into a hunters crouch. She paused. She waited and pounced on it like it was prey and bit it. "Yuck!" She squealed and spat out part of the leaf "This doesnt taste like prey at all!"

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