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DelicateFrost Empty DelicateFrost

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:53 pm

Name: DelicateFrost
Age: 19 moons.
Appearance: Soft, cloud-like, snowy white fur covered in black, brown and creamy splashes. Small paws that have ebony specks littered on them and a black patch over her left eye. Soft amber gaze that usually draw toms closer.
Personality:Very flirtatious and full of herself. This she-cat will flirt with any good looking tom, sometimes even taken toms. She like to mess around and spends most of her time around toms. She gets VERY jealous and is always putting other she-cats down. She can be very nasty and horrible if she sets her mind to it.
Clan and Rank: IvyClan and Warrior.
History: She was born in IvyClan to her parents; HauntedHaze and SnowySky. When she was 3 moons old, her mother was killed. Her father was so heartbroken, he died 2 moons later. This left her alone and sad, as she got older, she gained her mothers personality and habits. She is almost identical to her mother. When she got older, she realized she had a brother, a tom cat called ValiantHaze but shortly after, the news got to her about his death. She went on to become a fierce warrior in memory of her family.. hoping to make them proud of her.
Roleplay Sample:A delicate shadow floats out from the forest, her light features distinct in the morning sunshine. Leaves crunch beneath the light-framed she-cats paws, thousands of ebony splashes littering all four of her tiny paws. Delicate, cloud-like fur shimmering in the slight breeze as the wind whistled around in the green grass. The black patch splashed over her left eye brings out her dazzling amber gaze just a tiny bit more than usual. Her sleek, well-kept, snowy white pelt alive with splashes of dusty grey, ebony black, light brown and creamy splashes. She turns her delicate head in your direction, a sweet smile crossing her muzzle. "Greetings.." She mews in a soft, dreamy voice, "I am DelicateFrost.. " Mews the she-cat, her light features distinct as she curls her bushy white tail neatly around her paws. Amber gaze bright, she watches you, a mischievous glint shimmering in the corner of her eyes.


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DelicateFrost Empty Re: DelicateFrost

Post by FloatingCloud on Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:54 pm

Very nice forum! Approved, welcome to DOTNP c:

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DelicateFrost Empty Re: DelicateFrost

Post by Whispers on Fri May 10, 2013 8:37 pm

This character is now available for adoption. Delicatefrost has been deleted.


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DelicateFrost Empty Re: DelicateFrost

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