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GravelClan Hunting Grounds

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GravelClan Hunting Grounds

Post by Whispers on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:19 pm

This is the GravelClan Hunting Grounds, where warriors of GravelClan hunt or do patrols and mark territory.

Frequently Hunted Prey:

Squirrel- Although they look easy to catch, these are fast little creatures. Their common hiding place are the trees and bushes.

Mouse- The most common form of prey. They are not only easy to catch, but are also easy to find.

Thrush- A common type of bird hunted in the forest. They are rather small but still make a tasty meal! Practice your jumping before going to hunt Thrush.

Vole- Similar to mice, usually burrowing in the ground and found on the ground, Vole are a small rodent you can find just abut anywhere.

Frog- Slimy yet satisfying, this slippery treat packs a punch in flavor.

What to watch out for:

Fox- A large canine usually found in woody areas. Always be on the lookout when going hunting!

Wolf- These large canines are not usually found in the forest, but it's still crucial you watch out for any during your time out of camp.

Snake- These long, sometimes large animals in the serpent family can do great harm and possibly kill a cat if they get too close. Keep a close eye out for your paws when stepping in the leaf- covered ground!

Hawk- These forms of bird can be large with long, sharp talons that will hurt you enough to slice open your skin or even kill you. Watch out for these high-flying predators when hunting in open areas.


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