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Age: Adult
Appearance:Silver long fur and icy blue eyes. She also has grey streaks.
Personality:Brookepelt has rather hideous past, making her a very loyal cat, who is very protective of weaker clan members. She hates to see any cat hurt and is loyal to the point of death. If you once had her trust it's difficult to lose it, no matter what you do, making her very vulnerable to evil.
Clan and Rank: Lake Clan, Warrior (Leaders and Deputies cost catmint, yes?)
History: She grew up outside of the clans, but not outside large groups of cats. Her father was a very bad cat, known as Death. Most cats are unsure why her mother, Stream, loved Death but she did. When Brooke and her siblings were born, their father had no care for them. They were given to another queen to be raised. That cat was a prisoner of Death. She was very kind to the kits though, and loved them as her own. When the kits were 4 moons old, she was torn away from them and brutally killed. After that, they were treated much differently. Kits were often forced to fight to the death to see who could survive. Brooke was forced to face her sister, but refused to unsheathe her claws. Her sister attacked her but when Brooke didn't fight back, she stopped, confused. Death had not forgotten these were his kits though. He pushed through the circle of cats and brought his paw down on Brooke's sister, killing her. He then swept his claws across Brooke's side. "get out of my sight," he snarled. She did. She ran as fast as she can. Young and alone she formed a life for herself until she wandered into Lake clan and was made an apprentice, then a warrior.
Other: (Is it just me or is the creation guide a lot like FP's)
Roleplay Sample: Brookepelt padded calmly through the woods. Every few steps, she tasted the air. Her eyes scanned the forest for prey and as she spotted a mouse, she lowered into a hunter's crouch and took a few delicate steps nearer before she pounced. Unfortunately, her tail rustled some grass as she pounced and the mouse scurried away. She landed on the ground and muttered, "Mousedung."


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Post by Whispers on Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:09 pm

Approved. :3 Welcome to the forum!

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