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Post by Whispers on Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:51 pm

Hello! You may notice a small bar at the top of your profile that has the word "Warning" next to it. What is that? Why is it there? Well when you get a warning, that bar fills up.

Frequently asked questions:

  • At what percentage does it fill up?
    The Moderators and Administrators are currently in charge of how much your warning bar fills up each warning, but with a minor warning, your bar fills up about 25%. A serious warning however, fills up about 50% of your warning bar.
  • How do I make my Warning Bar percentage decrease?
    Not all Warnings are permanent, so after our staff sees a tremendous posting streak, or you haven't got a warning or gotten into trouble lately, we will take away one or two warnings, resulting in decreasing the percentage added on your warning bar.
  • Do Warnings affect my activity or given abilities on the Forum?
    Yes, Certain Warnings will affect permissions or accessible areas for members on the Forum. If it is a warning for something rather serous, our staff will decide which areas to decrease from your access. For minor warnings though, you will still have your given permissions and the area access.


Please remember that you Must try your best to prevent constant warnings, or even being banned from the site forever.

Warning Percentage increases:

  • First non-serious/major warning: 20-25% Increase
  • Second non-serious/major warning: 25-35 Increase
  • Third non serious/major warning: 40-50% Increase
  • First serious warning: 50% Increase
  • Second serious warning: 100% Increase- Banned

If you have any other questions about Warnings or the Warning bars, feel free to contact a staff member or make a new topic in the Questions Forum.

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