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SunBlaze's Stats

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SunBlaze's Stats

Post by Whispers on Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:33 pm

» Name: SunBlaze

» Sex: Tom

» Age: 5 years

» Appearance: SunBlaze has rusty brown fur that looks like the reflection of fire. In the sunlight it looks like flame, glistening and burning silently. Most she-cats hate the color of his pelt, thinking he's dirty and unclean. But he's actually very clean, grooming himself thoroughly every morning,evening, and night.

» Personality: SunBlaze in a very subtle cat. You always know what he's think just by looking at his facial expressions and his tail movements. He's always trying to deny the obvious feelings that he is objecting, but later lets them all out at once, resulting in crying, or extreme depression for days. All though he has small flaws, he is often very cheerful, showing his love for kits and apprentices by teaching them new tricks, taking them out for patrols and hunting lessons, or by simply just spending some quality time with them. He's always wanted a mate and kits of his own, but his previous mate died, making him think for all those years that he will never find true love again. Therefore he's stopped trying.

» Clan and Rank: He is in IvyClan, a Warrior

» History: SunBlaze was born into IvyClan a kit, his eyes opening in the very nursery. He was later appointed an apprentice, due to his fast learning and amazing leaps and high jumps.

» Other: He always dreams of become a Deputy.

» Roleplay Sample: SunBlaze leapt from tree to tree, chasing after the the small Thrush. He laughed and let his tail fly in the wind as he chased it down. He soon catched up and flew through the air, grabbing the thrush by the neck and tensing his muscles as he neared the ground. He landed safely and snapped it's neck, dropping it and licking his lips. "Yes! Take that, Thrush!" He picked back up with his teeth and trotted back to camp with it.

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